Search Process

Orange Line

Search process is the cornerstone of our service to our clients. We are pioneers in the concept of HEAD HUNTING in the country and our search process relies on head hunting for the right candidate. We do not rely on existing databases or on-line sources for locating potential recruits. We leverage our own extensive network and contacts built over the years which is bolstered further by segment-specific research carried out on an ongoing basis. It entails a two-way, participatory process and demands 100% involvement.

Planning and Preparation for the Search

  • Detailed Job Description presented to The Head Hunter’s team by the Client
  • Understanding of Organisation Culture by the HH team
  • HH Team to discuss and confirm with Client :
    • Reporting Structure
    • Budget
    • Geographic Location
    • Other Perks like Stocks, Joining Bonusetc
  • Meet with Hiring / Line Manager from the Client’s end (if appropriate/possible) to understand softer parameters
  • Prepare Target List , discuss and develop consensus with Client
  • Establish timelines between the Client and the HH Team

Profile Presentation and Interview Process

  • Profiles of shortlisted candidates are provided to the client
  • A structured feedback on the shortlisted candidates is taken
  • Search is refined in case of a mismatch of the profiles
  • Firming of interview schedule with the client
  • Co-ordination with the candidates for the interview
  • Our elaborate and involved search process ensures that a client gets to meet only the best and the most serious candidates for a position and are able to use senior management time in making a sound decision.