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IT industry in flux of change

The Indian IT industry is changing. However, because of size - the top ones have more than 100,000 employees going up to 400,000 for TCS , the changes appear marginal. This is not true. Our industry captains - TCS Chandra, Infosys Vishal Sikka, Tech M CP Gurnani have clearly understood this dramatic change and the challenges of going digital, more than 2 years back.

Change is a challenge for any company / individual. More so , as the change in the case of Digital is that not only of technology , but also of understanding Business. Our Consulting business is nowhere close to that of IBM or Accenture. These companies have traditionally advised their clients on technology, on business etc. An advantage which we don't have.

Our top companies are increasingly adding business / consulting expertise to supplement the technology. Remember, the new paradigm is to talk clients marketing, manufacturing and other business people , not just to the CTO.

I firmly believe that our top companies will change and succeed here too. Just as they made India the outsourcing global giant, they will lead India in the digital world too. However, it is going to be a long battle and I am sure that with their deep pockets, the Indian giants will succeed.