The 'Right' Way To Answer The Question About Your Strengths

"My communication and presentation skills are good"
o "My team management skills produce results"
o " I am effective in meeting deadlines"
...........and so on are generally speaking the strengths shared by candidates.
The biggest mistake while answering the Question 'Tell us about your Strengths!" isnot to prepare. It is taken for granted by most that it comes naturally to them and it is this very mindset which needs to change.
The key is to put yourself in the interviewer's shoes and to share specifically those strengths which will solve the prospective employer's problem ( pain point). The following 3 things need to be kept in mind:

1] Research the needs:- Before each interview, do research and study what are thepain points of the company and the role you are being interviewed for. Suppose you are being interviewed for a Regional Sales Head position. And there are specific customers that the company is targeting which they want to get on board ( pain point). Or they are trying to develop new segments of customers ( pain point). And you have proven yourself in your current/past job by successfully and strategically developing that area. It is that strength area which you must share because it immediately finds a connect.

2] Prioritize:- List down your strengths and share them in an order which will be most impactful for the prospective employer. Assuming a Region like Delhi is not explored to it's fullest market potential and the prospective employer wants to hire a Sales Head who would improve it's rating dramatically ( pain point) within the company's overall contribution. And you have a proven track record of a high performance in that area, then sharing it as strength first ( as it connects with an overall improvement in the company's revenue contribution) is impactful. Next, share how you increased market share from specific customers ( as given in point 1 above). This will gain the employer's fullest attention and improve your rating.

3] Avoid Mismatch :- Suppose a prospective employer's company work culture is 'aggressive' and they have ambitious targets ( pain point). Whereas you come from a background where targets were modest and you are 'tolerant and patient' by nature. DO NOT share such a personality trait as your strength because it will not be valued by them and it might score a negative for you.

Which only means you need to customize your strengths for each interview. Remember the SAME SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL
Share strengths that solve the interviewer's problems and increase the prospects of getting the job!!

Sarabjeet Sachar